By OHIO Hockey alum Jim Fuhs. 

How did the event start? The event actually started when my mom was diagnosed with cancer. My brother was a senior at the time and Coach Morris wanted to do something to honor her. He invited us back to play in the first set of games with a portion of ticket sales going to cancer research. My mom dropped the ceremonial puck between my brother and I that Saturday night. It was a very special moment for us!

Why does Ohio Hockey do the event? Ohio hockey has done so much for each of us. It is the duty of players past and present to give back. This is a great way to bring people in the Ohio hockey family together for a terrific cause.

What does the event mean to you in your respected role? This event is one that I have circled on my calendar every year. It combines two things that I am very passionate about and those are Ohio hockey and the fight against cancer. It is great to go back to Bird Arena where I have so many fond memories. On top of that we have been able to raise a ton of money towards cancer research. It truly is a special weekend!

Why should someone donate to Ohio Hockey Fights Cancer? The unfortunate truth is that 1 in 3 people are affected by cancer. Events like this where we raise money towards cancer research bring us closer and closer to the ultimate goal of finding a cure. Every little bit helps!

Where can I donate? Anyone can donate toward the OHIO Hockey Fights Cancer  and the American Cancer Society at this website.