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Hockey is not just an interesting game but also has different variations to it, among which the ice hockey is the most popular one. The game of ice hockey was first invented by a university student of the USA named James Creighton who along with his university mates played the indoor ice hockey for the first time in the Victoria’s skating rink in Montreal on a fine day of march in 1875. Ever since then ice hockey has become an integral part of the sports world of the USA. so much so that hockey betting became a part of the life of the followers of hockey. Hockey betting is just like any other form of betting in addition with some more fun and options. So far, Canadian and French online casinos are leaders in the hockey-betting industry (Get the facts here). So let’s know more about hockey betting in this section.

Tips to Become Successful Hockey Bettor

Understanding hockey betting is not rocket science. Just keep your brain open and follow our tips explained. First of all, you have to understand the odds and kinds of bet that you can make in the game. There are different types of bets such as outright bet in which you can right away bet on the winner of the game, then there is match result bet that includes the regulations and match result bets that include the OT. You can also bet over the total number of goals and the puck lines handicaps. There is also a provision of betting on the total score. When you try your hands on hockey betting you must have a system and you should always make it a point to bet when there is a value.

Most Important Stats to Look For

There are too many statistics that you need to keep in mind if you are into hockey betting if you really want to do well. There are a few basic terms that you need to keep in mind and have to remember the picks related to them. The first one among them is the closing line value which means you have to compare yourself with the closing line of the pinnacle which is considered to be the best sportsbook for hockey. Next, you must find out the most relevant implied probability. There are a few metrics like Corsi, Fenwick, score adjustment, expected goals, etc that needs to be taken care of while counting the statistics related to hockey betting. The hardest part of hockey betting is, however, the part related to goaltending which for which you will need the save percentage, expected as well as Delta Save Percentage, saved goals Above Average.

Types of Bets you Can Place on Hockey

  1. A money line bet: in which you can outrightly bet on the winner of the game.
  2. Over or under bets: this bet is about a set total score decided and both the teams either have to score more or less than that
  3. Puck line bets: this type of bet is a bit complicated and you have to be a seasoned pro to do well in it.
  4. The point spread: this can be played over more than one point in multiple sportsbooks.

Hockey betting is made easy with the online legal casinos and the sports betting sites that offer all the above-mentioned types of bets along with some more and all of that can be done for free with the casino bonus and can earn you real money. In the following paragraph, you will find a short explanation about free bonuses, but if you are looking for a complete guide to casino bonuses and how every single one of them works, then you should go to these guys and get the information you need.

Best Online Casinos for Betting on Hockey

Before you go and play in some of our recommended casinos for real money, don’t forget to use the online bonuses that can make a real difference in your profit and can give you up to $1500 extra money 200% matching your deposit.

  1. Betway sports: this online casino site is running successfully since 2002 and no other site can offer you a better experience in sports betting. It also gives a no deposit casino bonus to its new customers.
  2. Spin sports: this is one of the best sports casinos in Europe and offers a lucrative casino bonus as a welcome offer to its customers.
  3. 22 bet: the online casino site gives a whopping casino bonus of 300 euros on the first deposit to its customers.
  4. Unibet: another best site for hockey betting and other sports betting too.
  5. William hill: the most reliable British online casino that is running successfully and winning hearts for 20 long years now.

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