Ohio University Hockey History and Database

Ohio University Hockey History and Database

Hockey is a sport discipline that requires a great physical and mental effort which is played collectively, and consists of finding a way to get a ball hard or well a disk-in-kind of the opposite goal to score a goal, it is done through a tool called the stick which resembles the shape of a stick (obviously).

There are four main types, including ice-hockey, hockey skates, hockey, underwater hockey, on grass or turf. Each has different characteristics; it is for this reason that the elements change according to the type of hockey that is going to be played. It aims to score as many goals as possible and prevent the opposing team from doing so. And in this way, you will ultimately win a hockey game.

Hockey is a sports activity of great attraction and entertainment for many people in society, where the practitioner must have certain fundamental aspects to be able to play. First of all, the player should be in good physical condition, able to perform at a high intensity followed dexterity to master the techniques and tactics that this sport requires. Ability, flexibility, and speed are the main three each player need to be able to be a good athlete. Attitude is also important and induces the very behavior that the player may have in the area of the game, in the same way, the sense of belonging and commitment.


Hockey is a very old sport, dating back to the 19th century and has different modalities despite having the same end goal. The three types of hockey were created in the same century but in different countries.

Ice hockey dates back to the 19th century in Canada, arriving there thanks to the European emigrants of that time, who decided to adopt and modify field hockey to the Canadian climate. It is said that the first games were fought among British emigrants who were soldiers over frozen waters, such as rivers or lakes. In the beginning, it was played with a rubber ball and a semi-circular stick.

In the year 1875 on March 3 was the first time a covered track match was held in the city of Montreal and after that in Year 1. 877 established the first ice Hockey regulations written by McGill university students. However, it was in England that the first European Ice Hockey teams were born, being from the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. US Universities practice the sport too. Ohio University is one of the most popular and successful amongst the rest.

For its part, the hockey has its origin in the nineteenth century, which was invented by the American Edward Crawford in England as a form of adaptation of ice Hockey. By the end of that century, the European continent was already covered by this sport, its practice was extended by the population of that continent in the same way at the beginning of the decades of the twentieth century it arrived at the Latin American continent, and that was when it was made known in certain countries.

In turn, there is field hockey, which is a sports discipline practiced by people who belonged to a high social class, although its true origin is unknown. There are drawings of the ancient civilization of Egypt, where people appeared playing with balls and sticks. Moreover, in the Middle Ages, there is a relief where it shows people playing with sticks and balls. As well as in Asia there are indications of the creation of this discipline, which it is believed that the settlers could have adopted and moved this dynamic to Europe, then at the end of the 19th century, the first Organization of Field Hockey was born.